Skippy Lite - the lively Solitaire App Reviews

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First review

I have to say that I like this game. Its slot like peg jump but has more pieces. This is however just barely five stars because it has no sound effects. ( to publisher. Expanded gameplay with levels and sound would be nice.)


Nice blast from the past!


Crash- wont even open!

Good, could be improved.

This is a nice, fun game. I like how the high scores can be calculated by the pegs left on the board (and time?). Sounds would be nice, and perhaps an option to drag as opposed to just clicking? Either way, its fun, and nice to play.

I love this game.

This is my preferred board for Solitaire. I have peg jump but this layout is far superior! Its pretty too.


its awsome waaay better than peg jump but it needs sound

Chineese Checker

This is a famous board game popularly known as chineese checker. Nicely executed kudos! 2 da developer.

Awesome game!

I thought this game was really fun! A better version of Peg Jump. Awesome game for free


Great game! A classic, nice graphics and its free!! Love it

love it

its simple yet for some reason i find it addicting and keep trying to beat my score!

Fun game!

Similar to pegjump, but with more spaces. Great game!

Awesome but beware...

Game is great and simple but... This is a French board and it is mathematically impossible to solve this puzzle with the central hole being unoccupied... I think they want you to buy skippy xl

Great game

I love it. Exremely addictive. Is it possible to beat?


I love this game, I dont need sound! However has any one beat it yet! Im still trying :)

Good game

This is a good game, well executed and the gameplay is great, however, like someone else mentioned, this layout is impossible to beat with the center hole unoccupied at the start. Best Ive gotten is 4.

Updated-now wont work

Worked great before, had to delete.

Love the new tri boards

Like the different marbles (soccor balls & baseballs) . Maybe you could add the feature of different marbles for every board???


I love all of the different boards to choose from! This app is fun and addicting. Id recommend it to anyone.

Should Be Free

I dont understand why this app is titled "Skippy Lite" if its $0.99. Dont apps with the word "lite" in the title mean theyre free? And didnt this app used to be free? Also the makers of this game already made a game titled "Skippy XL" so shouldnt this app be the "lite" version of that app? Im just saying that this game isnt worth $0.99 and should be free.

An excellent app, recommended

Very quietly, this is one of my favorite apps, and my wife and kids really enjoy this one too. Six different boards, very well designed and responsive, and challenging. Well done.