Skippy Lite - the lively Solitaire app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 4912 ratings )
Games Family Strategy
Developer: Andreas Beier
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.3.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 09 Aug 2008
App size: 1.11 Mb

Skippy Lite is the modern implementation of the ancient board game known as "Peg Solitaire" or simply "Solitaire" (dont mistake it for the card game). The object of the game is to eliminate balls and finish the game with only one ball remaining on the board, preferably in the center position.

You remove a ball by jumping over it with another ball. Only certain jumps are allowed: you must jump horizontally or vertically, and you can jump only over one ball at a time to a free adjacent field. On triangular boards horizontal as well as diagonal jumps are allowed. Vertical moves are not possible.

This sounds all very easy, and it is. But dont be surprised if you have to put on your thinking cap. Skippy strengthens the ability to think logically, improves the power of concentration and helps you keep a flexible mind. You might call it Chess with balls. Its also perfectly suitable for children.

Skippy Lite comes with six popular boards: the English Board, a solvable variant of the French Board and the Diamant, which is not as difficult to play. Furthermore, it include triangular boards with 15, 21 and 28 fields. You can undo the last move and let the software show you possible moves. See a movie of Skippy in action on my website.

If you like Skippy Lite, you might also be interested in its bigger brother Skippy XL (also available in the App Store).

Just in case you are wondering: Skippy Lite is not a social networking tool. It can not connect to Twitter or Facebook. I am thinking about implementing a gloabl highscore system though. What do you think?

Pros and cons of Skippy Lite - the lively Solitaire app for iPhone and iPad

Skippy Lite - the lively Solitaire app good for

I have to say that I like this game. Its slot like peg jump but has more pieces. This is however just barely five stars because it has no sound effects. ( to publisher. Expanded gameplay with levels and sound would be nice.)
This is a nice, fun game. I like how the high scores can be calculated by the pegs left on the board (and time?). Sounds would be nice, and perhaps an option to drag as opposed to just clicking? Either way, its fun, and nice to play.
This is my preferred board for Solitaire. I have peg jump but this layout is far superior! Its pretty too.
This is a famous board game popularly known as chineese checker. Nicely executed kudos! 2 da developer.
I thought this game was really fun! A better version of Peg Jump. Awesome game for free
its simple yet for some reason i find it addicting and keep trying to beat my score!

Some bad moments

I dont understand why this app is titled "Skippy Lite" if its $0.99. Dont apps with the word "lite" in the title mean theyre free? And didnt this app used to be free? Also the makers of this game already made a game titled "Skippy XL" so shouldnt this app be the "lite" version of that app? Im just saying that this game isnt worth $0.99 and should be free.
I have to close the game and restart it to continue. Is this done purposefully to cripple the free version? Should be called "skip it" because it is not compatible with the newer iOS. I wish it would be fixed but this looks like the developer has left town.